The section is based on old adage about the best way to learn something new is to see/hear one, do one, teach one.

The thinking is that:

  1. SEE: first you’re exposed to the concept and/or skills by watching (e.g. live or video) and/or hearing (e.g. lecture) to understand the WHAT,
  2. DO: then you actually DO it hands-on and learn the motor and/or mental skills involved to understand the HOW,
  3. TEACH: then putting it into words or demonstration for someone else, passing along your newfound knowledge which promotes your understanding of the WHY.

Note: While this section is based on this concept, it will only follow it very loosely as many of the “see one” examples will be background knowledge, and I do not promise to both DO and TEACH as separate entries, and thus there will be no strict follow-through of see-do-teach methodology.

Mostly, I just like the overall concept and thus being able to give myself leeway to name this section SDT. Something, mabye, about being able to relate those initials back to self-determination theory concepts, yada, yada, blah, blah, so on and so forth, what-ev-er. Yup, pigs are weird.

Conditions supporting the individual’s experience of autonomy, competence, and relatedness are argued to foster the most volitional and high quality forms of motivation and engagement for activities, including enhanced performance, persistence, and creativity. 


Do you close your eyes, inhale deeply, and sigh happily …