Tool Caddy

Buy Now - PatternI typically do most of my sewing from the comfort of my recliner, being sociable with Dana and the dogs, watching tv, and generally avoiding being a basement-dweller. Tools ended up being spread all over, so I decided to make a container for them. And since I was doing that, I decided I might as well make a pattern for the container in case others want to do the same without having to create the pattern themselves. Thus, the tool caddy was born and I have the pattern for sale, so you can make it yourself if you wish.

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You’re welcome to purchase the pattern and make this yourself.

If you’re planning to make them to sell, I’d actually highly suggest you alter it to use less leather and replace some of that with a sturdy canvas. Otherwise it’ll be really expensive once you add on markup to recoup your expenses — materials, overhead, etc. — much less enough to make a decent profit margin.

I might someday make such a pattern, but as this was a utilitarian item for me and it’ll last a long time, it might be a while before I rework it!